Review Policy

I want to be fair to publishers, agents, and authors. I don’t want to get a book that I wouldn’t normally get and read it and not like it. I want to give your book a fair chance but unfortunately I can’t if it a book I wouldn’t pick up myself at the bookstore. So down below can help you in what I like. That way we both don’t waste each other time and get down to enjoying what we all love. Which is reading books.

Books I Fall Hard For

  • Love Stories that don’t start off right away
  • stories that have different point of views
  • Retelling of fairy tales
  • Woman with strong personalities

I AM Accepting for Review

  • YA/new adult
  • contemporary/literary fiction
  • graphic novels
  • biography

I Am NOT Accepting for Review

  • sci-fi/fantasy
  • light women’s fiction
  • mystery/thriller
  • erotica
  • romance
  • religious titles
  • self-help

The books reviewed on Belem’s Bookshelf have been purchased or borrowed unless noted in the post as being sourced by an author, publisher or outside company. Unless otherwise stated, I have not received any monetary compensation in return for a review and/or endorsement. Receiving an advance copy in no way affects my review.