Birthday Book Haul



So January is my birthday month. So I kinda always go overboard with how many books I buy or get gifted this month so this is why I’m doing two book hauls this month because I obviously don’t want this post to be super long. So the first haul will be about the books I got for my birthday or that I bought myself because it was my birthday. So here we go.

Target-I received  a gift card here and instead of buying groceries or other stuff I’m always buying at Target I bought a book! Yay! It was 20% off already but the cartwheel app had it for an additional 25% off so in total I got it for 45% off. Which is in fact a steal in my book.


the savage song.jpg

The Savage Song By Victoria Schwab-All I really know about this book is that it has two charcters who live in a city. One is a human and the other is a monster who is rare. He can steal people soul I think by singing. Also both their people or group are at war with each other. What got me was what is written on the back of the book

Corsai, Corsai,

tooth and claw,

Shadow and bone

will eat you raw.

Malchai, Malchai,

sharp and sly,

smile and bite

and drink you dry.


eyes like coal,

sing you a song

and steal your soul.

monsters, monsters,

big and small,

they’re gonna come

and eat you all.

The number one place I normally get my books from is Half-Price Books. I feel like I go to both locations in my city because I feel like I go there twice a week and I don’t like it when people recognize me. I know I’m a weirdo. Plus if  I don’t have to pay full price for a book I don’t. Sometimes I find diamonds in  the ruff there which is great. I found a signed copy of The Archived by Victoria Swab once! Talk about Luck! Plus The send some the most awesome coupons! For example for my birthday they sent a 15%off your whole purchase. Wasn’t that nice of them!

Half-Price Books


Gone By Michael Grant-I have seen so many different editions of this book and I always picked it up but never had the nerve to buy it. I saw this and it looks so new that I decided to go ahead and get it. It’s about how everyone except for teens middle schoolers and toddlers are left behind. All the adults are GONE. No teachers, parents, police, doctors, etc. Also no electronic are working. It’s like a post apocalyptic vibe to it and I’m excited to dive in and read it.


People Of The Book by Geraldine Brooks- This book is about a book expert who have been given a opportunity to study a book from Bosnian War.  The book is one of the first Jewish volumes. It’s inspire by a true story and I think that is why I picked it up. Also it has won a Pulitzer Prize.


The Sin-Eater Daughter by Melinda Salisbury- I am the perfect weapon. I kill with a single touch. WOW! those line got me hook and I had to buy it. The gods have chosen her to marry a prince, and rule the kingdom, but a deadly poison infuses her skin. Tho who anger the queen must die under Twylla’s fatal touch. I feel like this is such a interesting read that I won’t know what happens next.

and i darken.jpg

And I Darken By Kirsten White-I’m not 100 percent sure what this book is about, but I know it a retelling and that most people love it. I kinda want to go into this book blind because I know that I will enjoy it more. Plus the Cover is freakin amazing.


A Series of Unfortunate events-The Reptile Room By Lemony Snicket – I read these as a kid and now that netflix has its show coming out I want to relieve the books. I already have the first one so when I saw the second one, I just had to have.


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