Why I decided to blog

Why did I decided to start this blog? Well I have been reading book blogs and watching booktube for years but have always been afraid to start one of my own. 2016 was such a great year for me. Reading wise that is. My goal was to read 40 books and I surpass it and read 61 books. I swear I carried a book everywhere just in case I had time to enjoy it. Half of 2016 was just stressful for me that I think that it is why I read so much. Reading was my escape from the real world. So with that I feel like I want to share my love and joy of books with others. So that is how Belem’s Bookshelf was born.

I’m not the worlds best writer. I write like I talk, or so I’m told. English is hard when it isn’t the first language you speak. Although I don’t have an accent and there are some words that are hard for me to say I think I do an okay job at speaking and writing. Hopefully by writing this blog I can get better at it. I feel like reading has helped a lot. i see it between my siblings and I.  I have the better English vocabulary.

I hope that this blog will also help me stay accountable on my book goals and reading list. Last year  I had one and I stuck a paper to one of my bookshelf so I could read what was on my list and I didn’t do it. So maybe because I have it out in the world I will actually stick to it. Wishful thinking right?

Well I will leave it at that. Let me know what you think?



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