January TBR

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I’m going to make my TBR for this month rather short. I don’t want set my goal high just in case I don’t complete it, but if I do then I can choose whatever I feel like reading. I’m not the fastest reader or the slowest, but I read for pleasure. It makes me happy and it keeps me sain in this crazy world.

I’m very much ashamed that I haven’t read this book series, but I have watched all the movies. I try my hardest to read books before I go watch the movies, but when Divergent came out my life was a mess and I just didn’t have time to read much. I know it’s just an excuse, but none the less it was a very stressful and trying year. I’m just so excited to finally read it and see how Trice sees her world in Divergent and I can already tell that I am going to love Four. I mean he is pretty good looking in the movies.


I’m hoping since it’s a series that I read them pretty fast considering that I’m going to want to know what happens next. I hate when books end in cliff hangers and the next book isn’t out yet. So in a way this is a blessing in disguise I’m not going to have to wait for the next one. I already have them all.


If I finish the divergent series and I hope I do. I would like to start reading three dark crowns. My lovely boyfriend got it for me for Christmas because it was one book that I really wanted but I just couldn’t pay almost $20 for it. I hear it is amazing and I just can’t wait to jump in and read it.

I would love your thoughts and opinions on the divergent series. Think I can finish this series in a month? What are you reading this month? I would love to know.


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